Christmas Wrapping Storage Tips

OMG can you believe how close Christmas is! (Insert excited girly squeal here!)

Here at Labelist Co. we LOVE Christmas because it is such a creative time for everyone, from gifting, decorating and even wrapping! 

But as fun and exciting as the wrapping process can be, storing those rolls and rolls of gorgeous wrapping paper and accessories can be troublesome to say the least!

I have tried many different solutions over the years, all of which failed me after one or 2 seasons and ended up being an eyesore and not to mention not the best use of my space. I tried upright tubs and buckets in the spare wardrobes, which resulted in paper being ripped and damaged on the ends and wasn’t very space friendly. I tried lying them flat on one dedicated shelf in my linen closet, again waste of space. I even ended up with them in a spare suitcase, but what a mission that was getting it all out when I needed to use it! Nothing was working for me, nothing looked organised or felt organised and it always bothered me.

So I did my research And I found a few great hacks to help with the storage of your precious paper and also saving space.

If you have void space under spare beds or up the top of spare wardrobes or even in your garage, a simple option is to use these brilliant space saving storage bags from Kmart which will store and protect your rolls and also accessories in a neat and orderly way. You can just slip them under the bed and pull them out as you need them. I find these to be the best option as you can store them laying down or even standing upright depending on what is best for your space.

Another similar option is this storage bag from Ikea.

I have seen some great hacks using plastic shopping bag dispensers and fixing a couple side by side to the inside of a closet wall or behind a door and storing them upright in there, but I personally like the ease of a bag that contains everything I need that I can pull out whenever its time to get my ‘wrapping’ on, and I can take it to wherever I have set up, work from it and then zip it all back up and put away again when I am done. That just sounds so easy right! Ahhhhhhh, the relief!

All options keep everything neat, easily accessible, organised and in one place, while protecting your wrapping paper and saving space!


Boss Lady
Labelist Co.